CaliMove Video on the best ab exercsie:

The Only Ab Exercise You’ll Ever Need?

As suspected, the answer is a bit murky. I love their videos, but here they are using a provocative title to drive home a more subtle message. Alex is talking about pelvic tilt that you can create in most gymnastic positions. Wonderful – so basically this video is just telling me to do all the stuff I’ve already been doing? Well not quite. There are some more nuggets here.

I think the biggest value of this video is his advice as to what not to do, namely situps, arguing that as a repetitive movement it is bad for the spine. Luckily for me, I’ve never been religious with my abs training (and suspect most are like me) where the least of our worries are overuse injuries from *too many* situps.

That said, there is no reason not to program your workouts to create the best you. So check out this video and ensure that you are following correct abdominal position in your routines. It may end up saving you some time in ab training.

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