Road to 1 Min Handstand: Days 1-4

Max Shank recently shared a blog post describing a few of the healthy checks per se that one should be able to perform regularly to ensure that whatever program one is on isn’t totally screwing you up.

I’m a big fan of these types of tests. As a serial program hopper, they help me stay grounded to a few core movements that I need to continually master. That said, one of the moves Max described was the one minute freestanding handstand.

I fancy myself okay at handstands, but I quickly realized I couldn’t hold one for a full minute. Time to remedy that.

My experiment is to practice handstands everyday and record a video of a timed hold. I’ll plan to run this experiment for 90 days with evaluations every month. I’m filming each day’s attempt for two reasons: to keep myself honest and ensure that I actually work the handstand (without the fear of record-able evidence I’m more likely to half-ass my attempts) and to see if my performance varies. Per the latter, I’m inclined to believe (but do not have any data to support the notion) that I tend to get worse for a period of time before leaping forward. At the very least, I do not expect linear progress.

If all goes well, I’d like to add future exercises, such as the split or the lever (two moves I have been psuedo-working on).

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