My favorite handstand pushup tutorial

Calisthenics Movement consistently provides great stuff. I love this video on the handstand pushup.

My favorite tip is the recommendation to perform handstand pushups against the wall with your stomach facing the wall and that you should not do handstand pushups with your back facing the wall. Again: do them with stomach facing and do not do them with your back facing the wall.

For me, I’ve spent too much time doing handstand pushups with my back to the wall. The result was poor form for both the handstand and the handstand pushup. Getting off of the wall was the key for me to achieve a handstand, but now in my handstand pushup training it is time for me to get back on it. I’m lacking the strength to achieve complete range of motion and multiple reps:

I’m going to pay particular attention to Alex’s tips below on using negative reps and reps against the wall to improve. I’m excited to make some progress

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