Muscle Ups are Bad for You?

Jeff of Athlean-X is not a fan of muscleups. And he’s only physical therapist, so what does he know!?

Before you go crazy and start throwing things, Jeff’s point isn’t that muscle ups are “bad”, just not ideal for many athletes. Further, if you have tennis elbow or shoulder issues, training the muscle up can aggravate those injuries. Okay. I’m on board with that. I always feel some elbow soreness when I start training muscle ups after a layoff (not that I ever…cough…take time off from training). So make sure you have the strength to do pullups and dips and the mobility to handle the transition. Good advice I guess. Make sure you brush your teeth and call your mom on her birthday. There. Even more good advice

Props to this dude for being ripped and all but I’m going to keep training the bar muscle up

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