More Muscleup Progress

On the weekends I like to workout out the exercise center on the Rock Creek Park trail. They have a set of pullup bars and metal rings, There’s a motley crew of body weight exercise practitioners out there on a nice day.

Yesterday I was able to do an almost locked-out, i.e. straight arms at bottom, muscleup on my gymnastic rings. I was using a modified false grip with my hands in fists over the rings.

Obviously, I’d like to achieve the strict muscleup with full range of motion. Today, I had some success with the false grip. While I was not able to straighten my arms at the bottom of the movement, I was able to string together three reps. As my previous best was one, I was pretty happy.

In the video below I’m going for my third rep. I would have quit after two but my boy Laurence inspired me to go for three. I’m glad he did. Now I just need to extend my arms fully at the top and straighten them completely at the bottom

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