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Max Shank’s Fast and Effective Handstand Warm-up

Max Shank is a badass I like to follow. He lifts big weights, flips, and knocks out gymnastics moves. In his free time he competes in Highland Games. In short, the guy does it all. While there are many wannabes out there who love to criticize a given Youtube fitness personality for their lack of balance in some areas, Max would kick your ass in whatever you choose to talk shit about.

Perhaps then, it would appear somewhat uncharacteristic that Max may be best known outside of bro circles for his warm-up and stretching routines. I still haven’t gotten into his “5 Minute Flow” routine but it’s on my list.

Recently, Max offered his tips on warming up for the handstand. This is close to my heart – if you’ve ever sprained your wrist after too much early handstand enthusiasm, you know how much of a bitch it is to wait six weeks for that mother to heal. And your confidence will be shot for much longer.

Banish the thought with Max’s warm-up

The full list of exercises are in the link above or video below, I want to highlight a few that are most important to me.

1. Hollow Body/Reverse Hollow Body
The hollow body is the core position of gymnastics. For some unknown reason, I never train this position (probably because it’s boring). That’s bullshit. I need to get into the hollow body position for 10 seconds every time I train gymnastics movements. Thanks for the reminder, Max.

2. Down Dog
One of my favorite Yoga moves to horribly butcher, I’ve been getting better about spending a minute or so in this position before training. Max’s video demonstrates how this move will improve your shitty shoulder flexibility (and it is indeed shitty). Who cares what you think about Yoga, get down with down dog

3. Scapular Pushups
To me these look like the pushup equivalent of the barbell shrug minus the grunting, stupid heavy weight, and the ego. Who doesn’t love shrugging and rolling out their shoulders. I’m doing it right now – feels great. This is one exercise you won’t dread.

There you have it – check out Max Shank’s tips on warming up for the handstand. As always, full video below.

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