Calisthenics Movement One Arm Pullup Tutorial:

Learn the One-arm Pullup from Calisthenic Movement

The one-arm pullup is a badass move. I can’t even come close and I don’t think it will be on my training road map for at least one more year.

If you tried training for the one-arm pullup before you know two things: 1) it’s frickin’ hard 2) your elbows will start to kill you.

Properly conditioning the elbows for the stress of controlling your entire body weight has been my biggest challenge. As such I’m very interested in the progressions people suggest for this move. Here’s what calimove thinks you should do:

  • 15 Strict Pullups
  • Scapula Pulls
  • Typewriter Pullups
  • Archer Pullups
  • Uneven Pullups (or) One-arm with bands
  • Negative One-arms

I try to do Typewriter Pullups once per week as part of my back training. As I progress (fingers crossed) I’ll try to add the progressively more challenging exercises.

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