Jake Dalton Bodyweight

Jake Dalton New Bodyweight Gymnastics Circuit

Here at BSM we are a big fan of Jake Dalton. And not just because of his muscular physique and baby face

This is his workout one of the day (and he benched afterwards in the afternoon or so he says, but honestly, who would lie about benching. Sure you lie about your numbers, but not the act of it. All bros bench at least once per day)

Stretching [3:21]
Workout [4:50]
Rope Climbs
Box Jumps
Front lover Pullups
Handstand Pushups on Paralleletes [6:12]
Ab Wheel
Reverse Hypers
Australian Pullups
Wide-grip Pullups
Hollow body rocks [9:05]
Handstand Presses
Hanging Leg Raises
Hanging Knee Raises
Straddle Planche Rings
Depth Jump to Front Flip
Handstands on P-bars
Foam Roller

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