Islam Badurgov Kicking Ass

Islam Badurgov is a strong ass Kazakh dude. I think he speaks Russian – I have no idea. Other than Red Heat, Rocky IV, and Rambo III, I have no experience with the Russian language. Dude is strong though. I’m really confused why his group is called “Bar Bars”. Based on his instagram posts he knows English pretty well. Bar Bars? Wtf?

Islam Badurgov and his crew with NYC street legend Hannibal 4 King.

I love that Hannibal 4 King is playing a mandolin. Why? I have no idea. But it’s awesome

Islam Badurgov and CT Fletcher. Hearing CT and the Russian translation over top is kind of weird. I didn’t think CT could sound more badass, but Russian as a language just sounds hard as nails. I think if CT spoke Russian with his American accent it would be the scariest thing ever.

Islam Badurgov and crew hit a little pre-workout dance party

Islam and his buddy take on Dubai. Love that they tag team curl some scrap metal

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