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Get Over the Bar: Best Bar Muscle Up Tips

This is my current muscle up. I’m working on getting the shoulder extension/stretch at the beginning of the movement to make it easier to “snap” up to the top of the bar.

Failure: I don’t keep my Lsit (or I don’t enter it at all) and as such I don’t get high enough up on the bar before I try to transition.

Success: I still don’t Lsit but I have a bit more strength this time and I’m able to get over the bar.

Practicing #muscleups using @thenx "magic button" technique. Long way to go

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David Durante demonstrating the shoulder movement you need to snap up to the bar on your pull. Notice the difference in his feet than in Chris Heria’s videos below. Da

Chris Heria introduces the “magic button”, a coaching cue to help you focus on using your legs to really open up your shoulders before you pull

If you enjoyed the above, here Chris teaches a new student using the same techniques. Very helpful for me to hear once again but in slightly different language

Beast Muscle Up combos from Chris Heria

Tips for cleaning up the muscle up from Barstarzz. Cross-leg and negative reps are key

And of course one of my faves: Marcus Bondi’s muscle up tutorial. His focus is on pulling explosively. In my opinion this gives his muscle up the cleanest look. Of course, I don’t have the strength to pull that high yet.

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