College Gymnastics Conditioning: Can You Do It?

Jon Ham, a former college gymnast turned personal trainer, joins his old college team to go through a conditioning workout. This video was published 11 years after Jon graduated and in my opinion he hangs in there like a champ with these young studs. Here are the exercises below – I wasn’t able to determine the rep counts but suffice to say they were doing a lot.

Toes to Bar
Stair Jumps
Rope Climbs
Ab Rollouts
Partner Squats
Broad Jumps
Planche Press
One leg hops (forward and backward)
Handstand Pushups
Standing Backflips
Front Uprises (P-Bars)
Heel-toe lifts (Toe crunches in the video)
Pommel Horse Circles
Calf Raises
Muscle Ups
Depth Jumps (Jump from high and stick landing)
Pull Up Circles
Press Handstands (P-Bars)

Part 1 of University of Illinois Gymnastics Conditioning Routine

Part 2

How to get a gymnast’s body (according to Jon Ham)

1. Workout 4-6 hours a day 6 days per week for 10-15 years
2. Do really hard exercises like the iron cross
3. Eat clean

Well there you have it folks. Easy-peazy. Hell I’m not sure why we all aren’t ripped like gymnasts. LOL

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