BH Bars Human Flag Tutorial

BH Bars Super Detailed Human Flag Progressions

These guys do another great job of breaking down a movement and providing some creative progressions. If you are stuck in your human flag training or not training it at all, you should watch this video. Full list of progressions below

Side crunches
Side raises
Side plank
Side knives
Oblique rotation
Side Knee Raises (Hanging)
Side Plank Lifts
Abdominal Circles (hanging from bar)
Side Swings (On Ground)
Dragon Flag (Rocky IV Style – No PAIN)
Side Dragon Flag
Tucked Clutch Flag
Tucked Clutch Flag Raises
Straddle Clutch Flag
Clutch Flag
Flag Jumps
Low Flag Hold
Negative Flag
Inclined Flag Hold
Tucked Human Flag
Straddle Human Flag
Human Flag (Voila)

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