Best of the West African Acrobats Alseny & Sekou

Started training to be acrobats at age 7. They don’t lift weights – only body weight exercises. Of course, they lift people every day as part of their act. Training Schedule? They train everyday. They start at 7am and train until 3pm. Oh wait, they aren’t done. They return at 5pm and leave for the night at 9pm.

And are these guys low-carb? Hell no. Tons of rice and bread plus fish and chicken. No drinking. No smoking. No supplements.

So there you have it. Workout with gymnastics and tumbling exercises for 12 hours per day for the next fifteen years and you too can look and move like a super hero.

Sekou is 33 by the way. Not old but you can’t tell me the dude looks 33.

Oh and before you get on them for their English know this. These guys are from Guinea. They grew up speaking their local dialect and French. English is, at the minimum, their third language.

Killing it on the beach

Training with Kali Muscle

Getting in a workout at Metroflex LBC

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