Bar Brothers Requirements – Even Possible?

For those who don’t know Lazar and Duslan of BarBrothers, they are a pair of Serbian Americans who have lit up Youtube with videos of tough calisthenics moves and ripped physiques.

This was the original video that blew up (20M+ views and counting)

And it’s crazy to see how far they’ve progressed in just a few years (also on the video production)

So to join the the Bar Brothers family, you need to earn your stripes. The 2016 workout requirement was 7 Muscle Ups, 25 Push-ups, 10 Wide Grip Pull-ups, 25 Dips(On parallel bars), 10 Full Leg Lifts, 20 Pistol Squats (10 Each Leg), and 7 Muscle Ups in less than 4 mins. Obviously that is a tall order.

Here are few entrants – do they make they cut? You be the judge

From India: Hate to hate, but I feel like my bro here isn’t getting full reps on his pullups.

France: Seems like those muscle ups have a bit of a kip. No idea how much is allowed.

Singapore: This dude kills it. Now he doesn’t beat 4 minutes (maybe it was 5 mins at the time of filming), but other than his last muscle up he is ruthlessly strict.

Dominican Republic: This kid shows a lot of heart but those pistols aren’t quite perfect and he’s kipping hard on the last set of muscle ups. Would love to know the ruling on this one

Australia: This dude is frickin huge, so I wouldn’t say shit to his face. But since we are on the internet I’ll say he’s kipping hard on his muscle ups and he stops during his second set after three reps. The rules state you have to complete each set without resting. It’s too bad because he had so much time. He should have just rested a bit more before powering through.

Japan: This is one of my favorites. This kid has to jerry-rig a dip station and he stops at a water fountain for a drink of water. My only gripe (other than a little kipping on the muscle ups, but after watching these only the kid from Singapore keeps it strict) is that he’s not doing his muscle ups on a bar. The pull up station he uses doesn’t have a bar between the hand grips. This makes completing muscle ups significantly easier because your chest doesn’t have to come up as high as your hands. It looks similar but feels a world apart. I can do strict muscle ups on that thing but still can’t hit a single strict rep on a bar. And after all, fuck, the group is called Bar Brothers. You need a bar.

What are your thoughts? Who’s in?

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