GMB Fitness Backroll Tutorial:

Back Roll Tutorial From GMB

I’ve been struggling to train the back tuck for a while. Although I was able to achieve the move with a spotter merely observing but not helping, out in the wild, e.g., at the park or on the beach, I haven’t been able to flip. I’m just too scared.

So to correct this I’ve gone back to basics. I started to work on back handspring progressions but found those equally difficult to commence. Part of the issue is flexibility for sure, but fear of going backwards over my head remains my largest problem.

My new plan.
I will master the back roll before moving to the back handspring and then moving to the back tuck.

I thought back rolls would be easy. The other day I did a few on soft grass and found myself way out of balance and quickly dizzy. I pushed too hard and continued to roll while feeling dizzy and it basically ruined my night. I’m not mentioning this so you’ll cry for me, but because of this dizziness I found it convenient to stop training back rolls for a while.

While preparing my March training goals, I realized my neglect. This time I decided to do some research into the movement, and came across an excellent Back Roll Tutorial guide from GMB Fitness.

In addition to his common sense recommendation not to do rolls after you feel dizzy (you will get used to it over time), he offers these for coaching tips:

Elbows in, Tuck your chin, Round your back, and Push away from the ground

Start with no momentum. Just focus on bringing your legs over your head with your chin tucked

Progression is to back roll into a handstand

A really cool progression is to back roll into a handstand and then from the handstand forward roll back to the starting position

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