Aly Raisman – Au Natural but Not a Boxing Natural

Image from Aly Raisman’s shoot in 2015 ESPN “Body” Issue

Aly Raisman is back in the news for her appearance in SI’s Swimsuit Issue. It’s hard to imagine SI can top her pictures in ESPN’s The Body Issue two years ago but we certainly won’t fault them for trying.

But beyond admiring her bod, we can learn some important lessons from this multiple Olympic medalist. Check out the video of her doing some light boxing training below.

Fantastic athlete and phenomenal gymnast of course, but clearly she’s not a boxing natural. Moral of the story: you cannot separate talent from the practice. This girl can do flips on flips on flips but she can’t throw a jab!? Understand from this that you need to practice. It’s okay if your handstand looks like shit, practice that motherfucker ten thousand more times. Do you think Aly won’t be a beast boxer if she trains with determination – hell no, I won’t be getting ring with her – but she didn’t step into the ring day one and look like Ali. Don’t be discouraged. We all start somewhere – even Olympic Gold Medalists

Trying new things 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 @fitboxboxingfitness

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