Alseny & Sekou from Beast Tribe: Tumbling Back in Africa

Alseny & Sekou from Beast Tribe are my two favorite Youtube fitness guys right now (you’re thinking – wow, two favorite “Youtube fitness guys” who gives a flying you know what. Well, I watch a lot of Youtube, so in my book that is high praise)

Why do I like these guys so much? First of all, they do crazy explosive gymnastics tumbling on the beach or park or wherever the hell they damn well please.

Second, they seem gritty. And this video above all others shows that. Check out the clips of Africa (Guinea, I believe) that Arash from Strength Project fits in here. Look at the kids training! It’s just some kind of dirt field next to a bunch corrugated metal roof shacks. They don’t give a fuck that they don’t have a proper gym. They are just training*.

Building on point two, by going back to their home and showing the kids training you can see that their skills didn’t develop overnight. Now that small kid in the video is a beast in his own right, but it’s to look at the videos of these guys flipping and jumping on the sunny beaches of SoCal and think they just have the perfect situation. If you lived near a year round sunny beach maybe you could do those things too.

Well guess what – these dudes didn’t start training in SoCal. And I’m not saying we didn’t know that, but now it is visceral.

Start where you are with what you have. I’m off to go look like an idiot practicing basic back rolls

*Now I’m not one of those white dudes who looks at the developing world and is all “oh look at that little kid playing in garbage, she’s just so happy in a way the modern world isn’t”. True I’m jealous of the happiness, but let’s be real, those conditions lower overall health and life expectancy. Sure the kid is happy, but just like their parents, I think you should want them to have the best shot in life, and not disguise your unwillingness to improve their situation with “oh well they are so happy”. Not that I’m doing jack shit to help either of course, but I’m less hypocritical. Unnecessary aside over

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