8 Handstand Pushup Tutorials To Help You Master the Handstand Pushup

8. I don’t think this is the most technically sound tutorial (he’s a bit more banana-shaped than I’d like), but I love that he’s another super pale bro like me rocking the no-shirt. Suns out guns out baby

7. According to the rules that are posted on this very video, one could argue that the guy doesn’t actually perform any “complete” handstand pushups. I say fuck that. This dude is a beast and he’s repping like crazy. So what if they aren’t perfect. I want to get to his level and then I’ll start talking shit.

6. While this dude’s voice is perfect for causing you to fall asleep, he has a nice tip recommending you push your hands toward the midline (toward each other) when you start to push back up

5. Strength Project is on this list twice. And that makes sense because Aresh and company are monsters. I love his initial tip to use frogstands to handstands as a progression. I think this is hard as shit but probably an effective move for becoming a monster in training

4. Kali doesn’t actually do any “freestanding” handstand pushups, but steriods or not this dude is a monster and for his size his bodyweight control is insane. Plus I think he’s hilarious. Why does he like handstand pushups? “For when your traveling and don’t have access to weights, like in a hotel room or in Africa”. Gotta love it. Africa – a common travel destination that doesn’t have weights. Now you are prepared.

3. Al always bring the fire. And I love the beard

2. While the technical advice isn’t as strong from our Calypso Tumbler friend, he’s all inspiration. As he states in the beginning of the video: “don’t ask me how long it takes to learn: you have to love it”. Hell yeah.

1. Best Content: shows you not only how to progress, what to do, but also what not to do

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