2017 Calisthenics Goals

Just like each passing year, this time I “get serious”:). Here are my bodyweight fitness goals for this year

1. 60 Second Handstand
This was a 2016 goal that has carried into the new year. I think I’m almost there, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

Target Completion Date: January 31

2. 10 Freestanding Handstand Pushups
My progress on this move has also been slow. That said, I think setting a concrete goal of how many I want to accomplish will help me break through this sort >3 reps purgatory I’ve been stuck in

Target Completion Date: February 28

3. Strict Muscle Up
I’m so sick of kipping on this move. Mostly because I suck at kipping and can’t rep muscle ups very well. I’m close to getting my chest over the bar. I think I should have one strict rep pretty soon.

Target Completion Date: January 31

4. Tuck Planche
The best I can do here is a frogstand. I have a long way to go.

Target Completion Date: April 30

5. Front Lever
I’m struggling with getting my knees off my chest in the tuck lever position. I haven’t trained this move consistently but I will do so, adding some light practice before my hard strength sessions.
Target Completion Date: July 31

6. Splits
I’ve made some progress on this move but then I got stuck and gave up. This year I will stretch more! My guess is that I have several months of stretching before I get here

Target Completion Date: June 30

7. Backhandspring
While I believe I can obtain the flexibility for this move, I’m terrified of going over backwards.

Target Completion Date: November 30

8. Press Handstand
I have absolutely nothing going for me on this move. My flexibility sucks and my lower back strength is worse.

Target Completion Date: December 31

9. Human Flag
I’m able to hold a tucked flag for a few seconds when my right arm is on the bottom. I feel like when my muscle ups improve so does this movement, so I don’t really train it (just test every few days). But I think this year I’m going to add some lighter flag practice to my pre-workout routine

Target Completion Date: June 30

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